Auto WCAG Rules

The Auto WCAG Rules, founded in 2014, is a W3C community with the focused to develop reliable rules for WCAG testing, both automated and semi-automated. We aim to assist developers of test tools to improve the accuracy and completeness of their tools.

Creating (semi-)automated rules to tests WCAG is key to affordable, large scale research. These rules are designed in a way that they are usable by people with a variety of skills. The results too should be informative, not just to developers, but to website managers, policy makers and disability advocates and other interested parties.

The Auto WCAG Rules Community Group is the primary contributor of rules to the Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Taskforce for the W3C. The ACT Taskforce is currently developing the standard around which rules can be created, and is planning to put together a suite of rules on how WCAG 2x (and beyond) should be tested.

For more information, see ACT Overview - What is ACT.



Contributing is open to anyone. We welcome any new issues or pull requests for changes. Auto WCAG Rules has conference calls every 4 weeks. If you are interested in becoming an active contributor or reviewer, we ask that you join the Auto WCAG Rules community group through the W3C Website. This requires setting up a W3C account, may require approval by the organization you work for if they are a W3C member.

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