Name Key
Accessible Name accessible-name
Appropriate field for the form control appropriate-field-for-the-form-control
Audio output audio-output
Content (element type) content
Correct autocomplete field correct-autocomplete-field
Decorative decorative
Filename filename
Focusable focusable
Generic placeholder text generic-placeholder-text
Included in the accessibility tree included-in-the-accessibility-tree
Interactive element interactive-element
Identifying Data Tables is-data-table
Language identification language-identification
Non-empty text string non-empty
Non-streaming media element non-streaming-media-element
Rendered text rendered-text
Section of content section-of-content
Semantic Role semantic-role
Short text description short-text-description
Source code source-code
Standard keyboard navigation standard-keyboard-navigation
Surrounding text surrounding-text
Text content text-content
Valid Language Subtag valid-language-subtag
Visible on the Page visible-on-the-page
Visible Text Content visible-text-content
Visible visible
Visual Output visual-output



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